Horizon Grad Night

Horizon Senior Grad Nite Trip to Disneyland! Mark your calendar and register now for this amazing and exciting trip! Buses will depart on May 21, 2020 after the graduation ceremony is complete. Once we arrive in Anaheim, the graduates will enjoy a full day of fun at Disneyland Park!  What a great way to keep celebrating graduation, and reward your student for all of their hard work and dedication.  This would be a great gift idea for graduation!




  • Check in will be in the cafeteria on May 21st by 10:30 p.m.
  • At Check-In, we will verify the following:
  • Must have your Student ID, Driver’s License, or similar ID
  • Your cell phone #
  • Any medical needs you may have, please let us know at check in
  • All bags and belongings will be thoroughly checked
  • Grad Night Volunteer Security will be checking for any students who have been drinking or are under the influence of any substance prior to check-in. If found to be under the influence, you will immediately be removed from the trip and no refund will be given.
  • Once you are checked in, you will not be allowed to leave the cafeteria.
  • Parents and fellow students not attending the trip, will also not be allowed pass the check in tables once you are checked in
  • Food and beverages will be served before we depart for This will be available in the cafeteria, once you have checked in.  This will be pizza and drinks. If your student has dietary needs, please let me know.
  • You will be assigned a chaperone upon check in. There will be 8 chaperones on this trip. You do not have to stay with your chaperone or chaperone group while at the park.
  • You will be given your chaperone phone number upon check in. You will be required to put your chaperone phone number in your cell phone. The chaperones will already have your phone number, but they will ask you to verity the number at check in a second time.
  • Chaperones will already have their list of student names and phone numbers.
  • Students must ride the same bus to and from. You are able to leave your belongings on the bus while in Disneyland Park if you need to, but they are your responsibility and not that of the bus drivers or chaperone staff
  • We will try our best to accommodate groups of friends who want to sit together on the buses. Keep in mind, you could be separated, as this trip fills up to maximum capacity and we need to use every seat on the buses.
  • All bags will be subject to search upon check in, before boarding buses and at any time during the trip by parent/chaperone volunteers and Disneyland security staff
  • 1 hour prior to our Disneyland departure, each chaperone will send a group text reminding their group that they have one hour to report for check in for departure back to Horizon.
  • Park entrance tickets for Disneyland will be given out after we arrive at the park.



May 21st

By 10:30 pm:    Check in at HHS Cafeteria, eat dinner, charge phones

May 22nd   

By 8:00 am:      Arrive at Disneyland.  Security checkpoint, ticket check.

May 22nd

By 9:00 am:      Enter park.

May 22nd   

By 10:00 pm:    Report to front of park for check in for departure

May 23rd 

At approximately 7:00 am, arrive back at Horizon High School


Student Name

Register now, space is limited!

No refunds will be given.

This is not a school or district sponsored event.