PAWS Grant Program

The PAWS Grants program is open to any class, club, department or group at Horizon who wishes to undertake a project that will benefit the students, faculty, staff or campus. In order to be considered, the requesting class, club, department or group needs to fill out an application and obtain the approval of the Principal. The requester must attend a monthly PAWS meeting to give a five-minute presentation.

The funds used to underwrite the grants are provided from PAWS’ various fundraising endeavors. Please note that our funding is dependent on money being available. In order to keep funds available, please check out our Fundraising page and join all our programs.

PAWS Grant Application rules

The following are the rules for applying for and receiving grant funds.


  1. The grant funds must be used to benefit a club, department, group, or organization of Horizon High School.
  2. Grant funds are not available for individual students, faculty members, or administrative staffs’ personal use.
  3. Grant requests may be submitted at any time during the year. PAWS must receive the Principal approved applications 72 hours prior to our monthly meeting in order for the grant to be voted on at that meeting.
  4. Once approved, the grant funds must be used within six months.
  5. Recipients may or may not receive the full dollar amount requested.
  6. An invoice or purchase order must be submitted to PAWS so that we can pay the vendor directly.

PAWS grant application process

  1. Contact the PAWS Grant Chairperson to let them know you are planning on submitting a Grant.
  2. Complete the Grant Request Form. All fields/questions on the Grant Request Form must be completed/answered.
  3. Write a paragraph describing how the grant will benefit the Horizon High School students, faculty, staff, or campus and attach it to the Grant Request Form.
  4. Provide financial information (quote, budget, estimate, etc.) showing how you came to the amount of this request. Also show how any additional funds are being contributed to the cause (ie. District Money, Fundraising, Shared Contributions, etc.)
  5. Give the Grant Request Form and all corresponding documentation to the Principal’s Administrative Assistant for approval. The Principal’s Administrative Assistant will give the approved request to PAWS.
  6. Keep in touch with the PAWS Grant Chairperson every step of the way to ensure it meets the requirements and dates of submission.
  7. The Grants Chairperson will contact you to schedule your five-minute presentation at our next monthly meeting.
  8. Grant requests will be voted on at the PAWS meeting where the presentation is made. Interested parties need to excuse themselves during the discussion. Voting members retain their right to vote. PAWS will notify you of the decision.

Horizon High School Boosters, Inc. (aka PAWS) is an independent 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Booster Club Corporation. We operate alongside but separately from Horizon High School and the Paradise Valley Unified School District administration. We reserve the right to not entertain grant requests that do not meet the criteria of our mission statement, our goals or our grant program.

For more information on Grants, please contact the PAWS Grants Chairperson,  Maria VanderMeersch.